Beyond Christianity. Beyond Christianity. 

Beyond Christianity.

by poet spharnx.

You are Very Welcome Here.
We welcome your attention.
We have a lot to say and
we are quite contentious.
Please bare with us.
We do hope that you are not too offended.

Let us begin.

My poetry* has turned a severe corner, a religious corner.
My Christianity has migrated to a place that is beyond the Christian Bible.
I am quite content with my new understanding.
Others may not be as content.
Yet it has happened, and
I am very happy about it.
I now have joy, peace, and an inner happiness.
And now I want to share this new understanding.

About our website.

Our website shall start on "," one of our old websites that we had available.
We have some old nature material and some old political material on this website. In time this material will be omitted.
Until that time we will move the old nature material and the old political material to an archive subdirectory.

Organization of Site.

  1. * Previously mentioned poetry of poet spharnx.
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  2. The Environmental Prayer. Again, no return link.
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  3. Thoughts about the Christian Bible.
  4. Thoughts from our Facebook page.
  5. Link to historical site material.

Beyond Christianity

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