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by spharnx.

I have a strong concern with the Christian bible. It is not sufficiently accurate for my understanding of our planet. I do not agree with it. My poetry has increasingly revealed this feeling, this belief. Therefore, the time has arrived for me to explain my theology. The subject is too important to neglect. There are too many well meaning people that follow the teachings of their scripture with too much rigidity and too little tolerance. They influence events in an injurious manner. For this reason, I cannot allow myself to avoid this subject any longer.

I shall commence this enormous project from the beginning. I shall read the bible and I shall reveal my disagreement with it. At the present moment, this is the only approach that I can think of. It seems to be an improvement over calling names, yet to the injured it is still exactly the same, I am still calling them out. I am continuing to call them false and dishonest. I am defaming them. I am disparaging them. I am causing them injury. I am hurting them where they are most vulnerable, at their core doctrine. Yet, I feel that I have no other alternative. I have become disgusted with their behavior. Let us begin.

Yes, we are permitted to partially agree with the opening statements of the bible. We may postulate God, and heaven and earth. We live on earth. We know that it is a certainty. Science has informed us that it came to be, that it was created as such. We can allow that larger phenomena of the unknown power to be known as God. This we may allow. We may all be deists or theists or whatever. It is up to us to fully understand this God. He has shown us certain truths. We must discover these truths, but we must also protect ourselves from ascribing too much truth to the written words of the bible. These words were written, copied, translated, and selected by mankind and man is well known to be very very fallible. We can never take ourselves too seriously. Especially where we have the capacity to influence others.

The book is trying to make a believable case. It has some reasons for it to be. It exists as an explanation of the universe, but it goes further and creates a profound mental construction of a super-existence including a hereafter known as heaven. The book is also always attempting to convert and retain a core group of adherents or believers of the story presented. This is a major initiative of the book and some may consider it unfortunate that it has had so much success.


It is very difficult to tear up and disparage another's religion. Yes, we can all say negative things and comments. But, it is not easy to do it with caring, understanding and decency. Up until now, this has not been my style. However, all this should change. We should sympathize with our opponents. We are challenging a body politic that believes that they are the chosen and the supreme people of the planet. They stand taller than anybody. They do have wealth and they do have political power.

Their fault is that they do not know how to use either their wealth or their power correctly. They assert and exercise power with supreme arrogance. They fail to accept, understand, or consider the rights or opinions of others. They judge themselves so highly that all contrary opinions fail at their beginning. No other opinions are even allowed to be stated or heard. Other opinions are wrong to them. This arrogance is the tragedy of their religion.

It is precisely because of these reasons that we must strive not to be hateful towards they that worship their scripture so strongly. We must not emulate their behavior. If we, too, believe our own opinions as strongly, then we, too, will allow our end desires to justify our means. This cannot be. Such behavior is negative. It attends to a negativity in regards to the universal attainment of one's beliefs. We must rise above a reliance to violent and physical means. We must strive very strongly to consider the other people with whom we share the planet. It is their planet, too.

It would be advisable to forget about the objective of changing the opinion of others. We are most certainly not going to sway anyone from their core belief. Therefore, we can only endeavor to cleanse our opponents. We must enlighten them to the uncleanliness of their behavior. We can only hope to influence them to cleanse themselves. We have to allow them to continue on with their beliefs. We can only hope to influence them to reduce their certainty, their self assurance and their arrogance. Yet, even this, continues to remain a very ambitious undertaking.

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