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Evergreen Mountain.

Where is Evergreen Mountain?

Evergreen Mountain is the name of the proposed gambling casino for Oxford County in Maine.
Where is it?
Is it really Speckled Mountain?
How could it be? Speckled Mountain is part of the White Mountain National Park.
No. It could not be Speckled Mountain.
Where is it?

Is this it?

Abandoned Ski Lodge

June 24, 2007 Photograph.

How could this building be Evergreen Mountain?
See that staircase to the upper deck? It was rotten. It has since been removed.
See that upper deck? It is rotten. It's beams are rotten. It is unsafe to walk on. A person may fall through. It is now a knock down. It must be removed. This place seems to have become a termite haven. Yet it is not being sold to any interested buyers. Instead it is being saved for a pie-in-the-sky dream of a casino. It is badly in need of paint. It is badly in need of a new roof.

See the swimming pool and the broken diving boards?

Here is a June 24, 2007 picture:

Goldfish and algae in cracked swimming pool.

Can you see the bottom? No, you cannot see the bottom. This is at the four foot end of the pool and the water level is down one foot. That leaves three feet of water and you cannot see the bottom. Is there something wrong here? You tell me.

Here are the June 2008 photographs:

Pollywogs and algae in cracked swimming pool.

Can you see the pollywogs? They are black. During the hot weather in June of 2008 the pollywogs returned to these top steps below the water level. They are still breathing through gills and living under water. They are still pollywogs and they have grown rear legs and feet. When will they grow their front legs? When will they lose their tails and begin to breathe air? When will they become frogs? Guess what their length is. Yes, they are five to six inches long. They are oversized fixated pollywogs. I have a lot of sympathy for them. Their parent frogs sat on the floating tires in the pool. They did not move. They were lethargic. They did not have much life.

Here are two pictures taken later in the day after the rain storm:

Pollywogs and algae in cracked swimming pool.

This last picture includes a lethargic frog on the floating tire and a dead turtle beside the cracked pool.

Pollywogs and algae in cracked swimming pool.

As tourists, we gather beverage bottles for redemption. It is a challenging hobby and provides us with a mission. It cleans up the grounds and provides us with pocket change. I brought a can to the surface of the pool with my walking stick. I picked up the can and handed it to my partner. She immediately dropped it. I had not told her about the slippery slime on the can. We later washed it with boiling water.

Something has got to be done with this polluted pool. Perhaps it should be flushed down Adams and Cold Brook into Kezar Lake, goldfish, pollywogs, algae and all.

My opinion on the casino and gambling? I do not know. I am not sure. However, let us go there together.

First, I do have an attitude about gambling. In general, I do vote against it. This is a morality thing. I am churched in a Universalist Church and I live in Cumberland County. I feel that gambling results in a flow of money out of the pockets of people that cannot afford it. Also, I feel that the activity can become habit forming and lead to an addiction. Especially since the proposed referendum reduces the gambling age to 19. And this is a very strong opinion of mine. I do not play the state lottery. I do not gamble.

Now. What about Oxford County? If they want a casino, should my morality hold them back? Do Maine's southern counties hold the rest of the state back? We are one state and we should not divide ourselves.

Also, I have a disclaimer. I am the owner of several time-share weeks at Evergreen Valley where I think the casino is intended to be located. Generally the value of these timeshare weeks have depreciated substantially. It would certainly be wonderful to have these time-shares appreciate. Although I do love the place as it is, I realize that regarding the surrounding resort, a lot has got to change. An investment of $300 million dollars, as proposed by the casino promoters, would be very nice indeed. However, I still prefer off-season weeks to avoid the crowds. I think that other ideas should be considered.

Photography and scanning by webmaster.

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