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Inclusion vs. Exclusion.

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by poet spharnx.

Inclusion is one of the core principles of our religion.

What we are against is exclusion. We are against the exclusionary principles of other religions.

As posted to Facebook December 11, 2013.
We have a good friend that made a comment about our church this Sunday. He mentioned that the Universalist Church called their Saturday fair a "Holiday Fair" whereas the other churches called their fairs "Christmas Fairs." All well and good.

I held my mouth, but I shouldn't have. I held my mouth because I was once in agreement, but no longer. I should have spoken out about the inclusiveness of the Universalist Church to include other religions and viewpoints. The UUs are not exclusionary as are many other churches.

Comment added to Facebook December 25, 2013.
I am too proud of our beliefs of being inclusive. I like seeing the rainbow flag in front of our church. I like qualifying to be a "welcoming" church. But I refrain from speaking up about it. We have already spoken. And the argument has entered the political arena.

At The Samoset, January 1, 2014.
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