Speckled Mountain Thoughts, Ideas, Images.

Speckled Mountain Thoughts, Ideas, Images.

Speckled Mountain from Kezar Lake
Speckled Mountain from Kezar Lake, June 2008.

Cold River Overlook
Cold River Overlook, October 9, 2007. Photo and scanning by webmaster.
The Cold River Overlook is west of Speckled Mountain on The Evans Notch Road,
(Maine & New Hamshire Route 113. Not maintained for winter traffic.)

I hope that those folks across the road found their cat. It had gotten away.
I don't think that nature was going to grant them their wish.

Now we move to Island Falls, Maine:
Katahdin from Island Falls.
We also intend to do a little sketching. Sketch and scanning by webmaster.
Unfortunately, we could not see Katahdin on the second day.
And with the meeting, we had no time to sketch.
We do have a photograph:
Katahdin from Island Falls.
We will post a 2008 photograph soon.

Now we move to Penobscot Bay:
part of Penobscot Bay.
We continue to do a little sketching. Sketch, scanning, and graphics editing by webmaster.
An unfinished hand sketch of some pages of a recent atlas of the state. Week of December 31st, 2007.
Portions of the image sharpened using the graphics program.
We have a few photographs on the next page.

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